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Practice Makes Perfect
Donghae/Everyone, Because I always get this strange feeling that Hae is really good at giving blowjobs. 
Cosider this your warning. XD

Practice Makes Perfect
It’s not so much that he chooses Hankyung for any special reason, it’s just that he’s always so patient, and kind, and really, it’s because Donghae can’t actually think of any reason for it not to be Hankyung.
“Hyung,” he says thoughtfully one day after dance practice when it’s just the two of them left in the studio. He adopts a carefully plotted out innocent guise and appears to think for a moment, as if something has just occurred to him. “Can you teach me how to give a blowjob?”
Hankyung sputters on the water he was about to swallow and for a moment, Donghae thinks he is choking. Thankfully Hankyung ends up just spitting the water out all over the dance floor instead.
What?” he asks in that voice that he only uses when he’s desperately hoping that it’s his bad Korean that made him misunderstand someone and they didn’t really just say what he thought he heard.
“You know,” Donghae says nonchalantly, practicing a dance move and watching Hankyung from the corner of his eye in the mirror. “A blowjob. Can you teach me?”
“Please tell me you did not just say that,” Hankyung says, shading his eyes with one shaking hand and taking a deep breath. “Because Donghae, if you just said what I think you just said, I am going to have to kill you.” Donghae just laughs, stopping in his dance and turning to face Hankyung.
“Oh, I’m scared,” he says with a grin.
“I’ll tell Eeteuk Hyung,” Hankyung shoots back quickly, crossing his arms defensively across his chest.
“Hey,” Donghae frowns, the smile immediately slipping off his face. “There’s no need for tattle-telling here.” There is a long silence where Hankyung goes to mop up the spilt water and Donghae watches him carefully, eyes following each graceful movement. “Please Hannie,” he finally bursts out, and Hankyung throws his towel to the ground, body spinning up to face Donghae.
“Oh for the love of god,” Hankyung snaps, glaring over at the pouting boy. “Get over here,” he says in a rush, rolling his eyes and dropping to his knees while muttering something Donghae thinks sounds strangely like a complaint about everybody always using him for ‘stuff like this.’
With his new found skills, Donghae figures he needs the chance to practice them whenever he can, which is his excuse for sneaking into Kangin’s bed at six thirty in the morning and ghosting his breath across the sleeping boys neck. Kangin shifts slightly, but otherwise doesn’t respond to the brush of cold air on his skin, so Donghae grins a little and slips down under the sheets, hands trailing down Kangin’s sides until he finds the waistband of his pajama pants.
Kangin awakes with a shock, body reacting already to the warm wet mouth moving slowly against his skin.
“Holy shit,” he exclaims, fingers clenching into the sheets. “Jungsu—?”
“Good morning,” Donghae smiles cheerfully although he finds it a little hard to do with his mouth full. A small part of him actually expects Kangin to push him away, but he is happily surprised when Kangin just moans, body tensing as he throws his head back and lets Donghae get back to work.
Donghae’s first kiss with Ryeowook is clumsy, mouths moving unsteadily against each other, hands flitting lightly over shoulders, back, neck, unsure of where to land.
“Wait,” Donghae finally says, pulling slightly away. Ryeowook just stares up at him with those big deep eyes and Donghae smiles, soft this time, and places one hand on Ryeowooks’ waist, the other cupping his cheek and pulls him in slowly until their lips meet. It is gentle and wet and Donghae melts into it, leaning his forehead against Ryeowooks and laughing a little when the younger boys’ hands stray down to his belt and start fumbling with the buckle.
“Not so innocent after all, huh Wook-ah?” Donghae says, halting Ryeowooks’ hand and moving his own to the singers fly.
“You’d be surprised,” Ryeowook says with a grin, slightly breathless. Donghae doesn’t manage to hide that surprise when Ryeowook unzips himself and motions downwards with his head. “Let’s see what you can do.”
Donghae is ever so happy to comply.
“How?” Siwon gasps, fingers running through Donghaes’ hair and loosening his tight grip on Donghaes’ scalp.
“Learned it from the best,” Donghae smirks, rocking back on his heels and tilting back to enjoy the sight of a flushed and panting Siwon, leaning heavily against the wall of the bathroom, head tilted back and chest heaving.
“Donghae,” Siwon chokes out. “That was the best fucking—“
“Experience of your life?” Donghae says raising an eyebrow, pleased. “So I’ve been told.”
“I mean, your tongue—“ Siwon says, eyes opening in wonder. “How do you—“
“I’m sure Hankyung would be happy to show you,” Donghae says with a sly grin, rising to his feet and walking smoothly out of the bathroom, turning back at the door to take a mental picture of Siwon gaping like a fish against the bathroom wall.
Donghae might have learned from Hankyung, but he’s figured out a few tricks of his own, and somehow he decides it’s Heechul who gets the special treatment.
“Lee Donghae,” Heechul says, turning to look at him afterwards when they are both lying on the floor. “I’m proud.”
“Ew, Hyung, you sounded like my mom just then,” Donghae says, grinning tiredly but blushing at the praise all the same.
“No really,” Heechul says, sounding amused. “I’ve never seen anyone—“
“Heechul!” Donghae whines, rolling over so he is stretched out on top of Heechul, chest to chest, nose to nose, legs twisted together. “I’m serious! You sound like my mother! If you don’t shut up—“
“Make me,” Heechul says, a dare gleaming in his laughing eyes.
“You asked for it,” Donghae reminds him, slinking his way down Heechul’s body once more.
“But you know,” Heechul adds thoughtfully. “This whole mom thing is kinda creeping me out right now…”
“Shut up umma,” Donghae says, slapping Heechul’s thigh.
“No really, is this some kind of kink of yours? Because—oh—“ and then he decides that maybe taking Donghae’s advice is the best way to go.
“Shindong!” Donghae screams, clutching a pillow to his chest and waiting for the older boy to come running into the room, which he does only a few moments later. “Come, come,” he urges, holding a hand out and widening his eyes at his Hyung.
“What is it?” Shindong asks, looking around the room for what could have caused the yelling.
“I had a nightmare,” Donghae explains, crossing his legs and hugging his pillow tighter.
“Oh Hae,” Shindong laughs, sitting down on the bed next to him. “You’re such a baby.”
“Am not!” Donghae protests, inwardly smirking at how well his plan seems to be going.
“Are too,” Shindong chides, patting him lovingly on the head.
“I can show you something a baby definitely couldn’t do,” Donghae says, letting his wide eyes lower into slits.
“Really,” Shindong says, and Donghae can tell he’s resisting the urge to roll his eyes.
“Really really,” Donghae grins ten seconds later, finding a bubbling glee in the way Shindong’s eyes widen in shock.
Yesung isn’t sure how it happens, but one moment he is having an entirely reasonable conversation with Donghae about how aliens are most definitely going to take over the world in the year 2029 and convert everyone into fish lovers, and then suddenly Donghae’s eyelids are lowering in a swoop of long lashes and sinful delight and he kind of looses track of what they were just talking about.
“Yeah,” he stutters, attempting to regain his thread of thought. “Um…the alien fish, I mean, aliens, most certainly are going to…take over the…you know…” he swallows hard.
“World?” Donghae supplies helpfully.
And its really not fair, because Donghae has his hair mussed in a very I-just-had-amazing-sex kind of way (although Yesung knows it’s really just from the wind on the walk they just took) and he is chewing softly on his lower lip in a way that seems to attract Yesung’s eyes like a moth to the flame and—
When Donghae leans forward and kisses him, Yesung forgets that he’s supposed to care if it’s fair or not at all.
Donghae drops the pencil and leans down to pick it back up again at the same time that Kyuhyun does, which he soon realizes was a pretty bad idea when their heads bang together with a nice crack effect.
“Shit,” Kyuhyun groans, grasping his forehead in his hands and wheeling away from Donghae. “Sorry Hyung, I—“
“No, no it’s okay,” Donghae says quickly, squinting his eyes to try and make his world stop spinning. “I shouldn’t have dropped the pencil, I really need to work on not being so clumsy—“
“Seriously,” Kyuhyun laughs, rubbing at his head. “You have the hardest skull in the entire world!”
“It’s all the brains,” Donghae says, still resting his head on his palm as he turns to grin back at Kyuhyun.
“Damn,” Kyuhyun says, an eyebrow rising elegantly. “Nobody ever told me the people with no brains get hard heads and the smart people get soft ones.”
“Hey!” Donghae yelps, jumping forwards to tackle Kyuhyun. “I’m still older then you!”
“Sorry,” Kyuhyun apologizes, still smirking up at Donghae from his new position underneath the older boy on the couch. “I didn’t actually think you’d catch the fact that I was insulting you.”
“Shut up,” Donghae mutters, ruffling Kyuhyun’s hair playfully.
“Anything for you,” Kyuhyun says sarcastically, shoving his hand off his head but letting Donghae rest his head against his chest.
“Anything?” Donghae asks suddenly, raising his head to look Kyuhyun in the eyes. Kyuhyun suddenly gets a very forbidding feeling about the expression on Donghae’s face, but he just rolls his eyes and lets the right side of his lips tilt up in a smile.
“For Hyung? Of course.”
“You know you’ve scarred Kyuhyunnie for life,” Sungmin drawls when Donghae enters his bedroom to find the blonde draped across his bed. “He came to me confused and crying like some tortured puppy.”
“Oh crap,” Donghae says, turning already to leave the room, intent on finding the magnae.
“Just kidding,” Sungmin laughs, rolling over so he is on his back and staring up at Donghae’s ceiling. “Not all the cute ones are as sweet and pure as you all think.”
“I’m starting to get that feeling,” Donghae mutters, turning back towards Sungmin. “Are you sure Kyuhyun is alright? I mean, he didn’t tell me to stop, and he seemed like he was…enjoying it…”
“I said I was kidding, didn’t I?” Sungmin asks, flopping his head over so he is looking at Donghae. Donghae hums distractedly in absent minded agreement and Sungmin rolls his eyes, propping himself up on his elbows. “Come here,” he finally says, motioning for Donghae to make his way over to the bed.
“What’s up?” Donghae asks, dropping down next to him and mirroring the older boys position.
“I have a question to ask you,” Sungmin says seriously, and Donghae looks over at him cautiously. “And I want you to answer it honestly, okay?”
“Sure,” Donghae finally says, wondering what could possibly make the usually happy-go-lucky singer look so somber.
“When you started out on this quest…conquest thingy—“ Sungmin starts, and Donghae has a coughing fit, effectively cutting the other boy off. Sungmin waits patiently until he is done and then continues on, ignoring the wide shocked eyes Donghae is making at him. “Why did you decide to go to Hankyung?”
“I don’t know,” Donghae says, taken by surprise. “I guess he seems like the kind of person who’s good in bed?”
Sungmin gives him a scathing look and then drops down onto his back again, folding his hands across his stomach. “Well incase you care, he learned it all from me.” He quickly notices the taken aback look on Donghae’s face and grudgingly alters his statement. “All right, we learned it all from each other.”
“You and…Hankyung?” Donghae chokes out.
“For a while. How do you think we both got so good?” Sungmin asks, smirking at the look on Donghae’s face. “But I hear he’s taught you well. Let’s see if you’re really as good as it’s being told through the grapevine.”
Too stunned to protest, Donghae does as he’s told, only fully contemplating what is going on when Sungmin gives one last satisfied sigh and curls against his chest, fingers spanning across stomach.
“He did do a good job with you.”
Kibum is what Donghae thinks could be his hardest target, so he decides a surprise attack is the best way to go.
He ambushes the younger boy in the shower, wet drops of water sliding down and drenching his clothes, seeping into his skin as Kibum jerks backwards in surprise, eyes wide.
“Hyung!” He chokes out, a hand to his heart when he finally catches his breath again. “What are you doing?” But then before Donghae actually gets a chance to answer him, he pushes the older boy up against the tiles under the showerhead, hands already slipping under the shirt that is now plastered up against Donghae like a second skin. His lips move to attack Donghae’s bared throat, tongue making long sweeping strokes across the tender skin.
“Kibum!” Donghae gasps, steadying himself by placing his hands on the boys shoulders. And then something akin to understanding dawns in his eyes and he slowly starts to smile. He looks wisely down at Kibum and pulls his shirt off over his head. “You were—“
“Waiting for you to get around to me?” Kibum asks, smirking up at him. “Maybe.”
“Who would have guessed, sweet quiet little Kibum,” Donghae says, caressing his face softly.
“Took you long enough,” Kibum says, rolling his eyes.
With Hyukjae it is exhilarating, the thrill of being backstage and so close to the possibility of being caught that Donghae thinks he can hear the adrenaline rushing through the air.
“Hell, Donghae—“ Hyukjae gasps as Donghae leans up against him, smiling at the way his body trembles at the touch. Something about the way his eyes are closed and his mouth remains open in a mime of the blissful high he is still riding on makes Donghae press forward, a small light kiss landing on the corner of Hyukjae’s lips. “Donghae,” Hyukjae repeats, opening his eyes and curling his fingers around Donghae’s wrists.
“Yeah?” Donghae asks, his voice breathy and high.
Except with Hyukjae, Donghae never was the one to be quiet and bask in the calm after the storm, so he moves closer again, crushing Hyukjae against the wall as he bites at his lip, tongue, neck. It’s urgent and fast and hard and Donghae doesn’t stop until Hyukjae pushes a palm against his chest, shoves him backwards.
Donghae—“ Hyukjae chokes out, fighting to catch his breath. Donghae hovers in front of him, confused, and runs one hand through his hair.
“We could get caught,” Hyukjae says quickly, reaching out to grab Donghae’s hand and twine their fingers together. “Besides,” he adds, straightening his shirt with the other hand and pulling Donghae over to their dressing room. “I’m a classy kind of guy. You need to take me on a date first.”
Donghae laughs as he lets Hyukjae pull him along, tightens his grip on the other boys’ hand.
It works out rather strangely with Eeteuk. Well, the strangest part is really how perfect all the pieces seem to fit together with him anyway.
“You know who Kangin thought I was when I crawled into his bed?” Donghae asks him, all tongue in cheek while they’re sitting at the kitchen table, chopping up vegetables for dinner.
“Shut up,” Eeteuk says, without looking up from his task.
“Oh come on Jungsu,” Donghae taunts, laughing as Eeteuk flips him off before diligently returning to chopping the carrots. “Really, now, why exactly would Kangin Hyung think it was you?” he asks with twinkling eyes.
“Blow me,” Eeteuk shoots back, tossing a carrot stick at Donghae’s face.
“In the kitchen?” Donghae asks, looking mildly surprised.
“Ew, Donghae!” Eeteuk pushes his chair back from the table in an attempt to get away from the younger boy. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Are you sure leadersshi?” Donghae asks, resorting to the look he has practiced numerous times in front of the mirror. Eyes peering up from underneath long dark lashes, he observes an amused looking Eeteuk. “Because really, that was a rather suggestive statement.”
“Lee Donghae,” Eeteuk laughs. “Have you been spending too much time with Sungmin?”
“Want me to show you what I’ve learned?” Donghae offers with a charming grin.
It isn’t until later that Heechul opens the door to the leaders bedroom and stands, shocked until Eeteuk raises his head lazily from its position snug between Donghae’s arm and his body and tells him to kindly fuck off because the light is hurting their eyes and to please close the door when he leaves.
“You really do have mommy issues!” Heechul shouts, dancing away only when Eeteuk throws a well aimed shoe at his head.
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